Hybrid work model – time to adopt it

hybrid work model

hybrid work model

Last updated on August 16th, 2021 at 06:58 am

Current scenario and according to experts, it is not far fetched to stay that the coronavirus is here to stay. With vaccinations going in full swing across majority of nations, many companies in coming three to six months are going to assess their future work model. It will be evaluated whether to bring back all employees to a full time model like pre-pandemic times or adapt and embrace a hybrid work model.

According to latest survey by PwC, majority of US based companies are inclined towards a hybrid work model environment. This will enable the leaders of companies to ensure a more inclusive and employee focused working environment that will make sense to all stakeholders. This will also help companies to open the market for a larger talent pool to include many groups who are traditionally ignored in a regular hiring cycle. This in turn will be profitable to employers who will gain service of a varied employee profile.

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One of the most benefitted group of employers during pandemic has been the women. Working from home for women has been a welcome change, even groundbreaking. Juggling the daily home chores along with virtual schooling of children cannot be ignored along with professional work, but hardships and fatigue that were due to balancing full time work and family life demands have now disappeared. This is also high time for organizations to realize what women deal with and offer the hybrid working model to help balance their various jobs in a more articulate manner.

Disabled people and those struggling with serious health issues are another group of workers that have benefitted work from home model. This has opened more doors of employment opportunities for them.

Back to office models must be decided according to workers’ individual situation. Whether they can come to office or work from home is a better model for them must be case specific, along with how many days can they work for each model.

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