Hybrid work model: How to inspire work life balance

Hybrid work model

Hybrid work model

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 04:12 am

 Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, global economies have been through a roller – coaster ride. Lockdowns brought slowed economies and shutting down of many operations. Later the countries bounced back and businesses gained operations, though through many struggles. Now that many businesses are gradually resuming operations, two work models have gained ground – remote working and hybrid model.

As the pandemic is still ongoing with looming risk of infection surge, many companies are continuing with work from home or remote model. On the other hand, many businesses are adopting hybrid work model wherein employees will work on a roster with 2-3 days per week working from office. Though working from home gave employees a much required break and benefits of work life balance, transitioning into a hybrid model can be quite challenging.

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In such a scenario there can be multiple ways through which employers can support their employees feel connected in a more constructive way while in a hybrid model.

Key is to remain flexible

There is no doubt about the fact that hybrid work model is here to stay. But like everything else, it has its own set of drawbacks and benefits. Remaining flexible is the key and so is to keep that achievable for others.

Be smart – use the right tech tools to increase productivity

Tech tools are an essential requirement in today’s workspace. Employers can use these tools to assess and track productivity as well as well-being of employers. Assessing workload of employers will help managers allot work load accordingly and thus enable achievement of work life balance.

Communication is the key

Hybrid working can become a menace if miscommunication is not fixed. A sustainable work-life balance would be possible through effective communication.

Smart working policy

Businesses can create smart policies that will help employers meet their needs of work life balance in a hybrid work model. One of the prime examples in this is creating a reasonable shift and roster timing that is well conceived by the employees. Similarly, keeping in mind what days an employee is more comfortable with, like some may opt for weekends as compared to weekdays. Such policies will help employees achieve work life balance.

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