The Workers Rights is an independent digital media platform that reports news on various issues ranging from human rights to work-life balance from all over the world. Our news reports are aimed at bringing awareness and invoke thinking among our readers. 

We bring thought-provoking stories from all walks of life, noting that they shape the geopolitics around basic fundamental rights across the world. 

Workers’ rights contain a wide range of issues from rights of trade unions, protection against discrimination to equal opportunities for all. Migrant workers are entitled to all forms of human rights protections. However, they are among the most vulnerable to exploitation and discrimination. 

Children and young adults have their fundamental rights, as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We continuously work towards recognizing children’s rights and the need for their welfare and development. 

Over the years, women have evolved as leaders of the world. But in many countries, girls and women are subjected to discrimination and gender inequality. We seek to amplify their voice by taking cognizance of their plight.

Violations of workers’ rights have increased manifold in recent years. People are struggling with the lack of basic rights, such as healthcare cover and payment for overtime. 

It is important to note that thousands of agencies across the world are making courageous movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo to social and economic equality, these and tireless efforts to provide basic fundamental rights to children, women, migrant workers among other affected sections of society.

Therefore, our mission is to tell the stories of these affected sections of society from various countries across the world in order to create awareness about their cause. As the world grapples with once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, it is important to raise concerns over the challenges faced by these groups globally.

Our Focus:

  • Human Rights
  • Labour Rights
  • Migrant Workers
  • Work Life Balance
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