Post Covid, People are more inclined towards working from home

post covid working from home

post covid working from home

Last updated on August 4th, 2021 at 05:11 am

There is no doubt that the post Covid era will be a whole new ball game for the service sector.

In the last two years, people had difficulty in adjusting to the Work From Home model but now that the majority of the population is adjusted to the system, they seem to have found their comfort in it and many of them refuse to again go back to the offices and start from there.

Apart from the comfort, another factor here is Work LIfe Balance. Though experts were concerned about people not being able to strike the perfect Work lIfe Balance while working from home but as it is highly possible that people have somehow mastered the act and are better at it more than they were while working from their respective offices.

There is no denying that Work From Home is highly flexible and it in a way gets you more freedom than wiring in cubicles. This exactly is the reason why the majority of the population might be going forward with this type of working style and continue to work in a more systematic and structural format within their home’s boundary walls.

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Even if these employees were to return to their usual workstations, they will require new facilities and the employers and company owners may have to work towards it. A survey from a pulse survey authorised by the HR advisory firm Marching Sheep suggested that the recruiters and owners will now have to work towards providing newer benefits to employees to lure them into working more.

Having adapted to the Work From Home concept, employees are now seeking relief from daily office work with some days granted to work from home. Marching Sheep said that employees are seeking flexibility to work from home from any location as per their desire and convenience. Nearly 81 percent of the workers believe that post covid, they will need a choice when it comes to deciding on the workplaces.

The survey stated, “The second wave has impacted every employee, every family in some way or the other, making us realise the importance of staying close to our loved ones, making flexibility a key task from employees today.”

And they also added that the employees want flexibility not just in terms of locations but also time and their job role. Organisation will now have to make efforts to ensure flexibility at work places. Another important finding of the survey was improved work life balance. This is something that even the employers have been working towards especially during the pandemic but the workers hope to continue with concepts introduced for the metal and physical being by their companies even after the pandemic. More than 49 percent of people asked for practices such as ‘zero hour’, ‘no meeting Fridays’ and ‘care leaves’ and ‘silent hours’ to continue

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