America’s undeniable usher to deal with refugees, migrant crisis is quickly taking over the world

it is not good for the us when it comes to refugee and immigration related issues

it is not good for the us when it comes to refugee and immigration related issues

 United States United States – It is not all gold and shine for the United States when it comes to refugee and immigration related issues. Several experts have pointed out America’s inability to give them proper treatment and ensure safety measures for them even before the pandemic arrived.

The excessive pressure on the migrants causes them to suffer major trauma that in no way can be ignored. The Biden administration was all enthusiastic about the fortification of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that arrived last month.

The policy aims to shield more that 600,000 undocumented people coming to the American land by year end. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. There are multiple legal challenges that are coming along with the imposition of the latest refugee secured policies.

There are counter treatment to many of the workers due to various complications surrounding implications like Muslim ban Family Separations or and disagreement to the policy itself. These things will be taking a heavy toll on the lifestyles of migrants making them suffer more from trauma in their already vulnerable conditions.

Covid-19 pandemic is another hurdle in the lives of these migrants who have either already entered the US border or are looking to enter the national border. Mental health is one of the major concerns that many experts project for these immigrants. Even a study shows that when people are made adept to uncertaining in every sphere of their lives, things become even more difficult for them.

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If we take it upon ourselves, it may be for our schools or career or personal life, if there is any sort of uncertaining in the surrounding related to these things, it continuously keeps on bothering us while also taking a toll on our health. The ongoing pandemic is one of the best examples of how uncertainty degrades one’s mental health.

Similarly, those who come under the refugee or immigrants criteria especially belonging from Afghanistan, Greece or even Mexico experience months  and years of instability. This does not restrict to one person, it essentially targets the whole family. They watch the awful stories around them as they are given similar, closer conditions to live in and that ends up giving them severe trauma.

This is also called vicarious trauma, a type of trauma that is transmitted through the second hand throughout the process of bearing a weight of a similar cause or outcome.

It is more than important to address these psychological factors among the immigrants. Migrant workers are one of the most affected sections during the pandemic and it has become all the more necessary to help them deal with mental issues in the process. But the United States is nowhere near to this. In fact, the Biden administration has come up with one of the toughest policies in this regard. The bill for the immigrants is more restricted, hardly giving any freedom to make these people participate in the normal lifestyle of the American population. Human Rights organization and mental health experts are advocating their rights of equal participation but despite an year of uproar, there is not much development.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, immigrant issues were one of the reasons why his approval rating went miserably down, something that Joe Biden promised to counter if he came to power. However, there is no progress in the matter as the treatment towards these migrants remains a paperwork matter and has nothing to do with humanitarian causes.

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