Pandemic Has Made Work Hours Seep into Leisure

pandemic has made work hours seep into leisure

pandemic has made work hours seep into leisure

Before the Pandemic, office work was a weekly, nine to five tasks at the office space. People had weekends to themselves and their families, visiting malls, short trips, dining outside, and much more. 

However, since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, it has brought a 360 degree turn to everyone’s life. Every day seems the same, there is no more a difference between a Sunday, and a Monday or office space or home as measures like lockdown and covid protocols have compelled people to utilize work from home.

At the beginning of 2020, it was seen as an add-on benefit, but now hybrid working has become a part of most working-class sectors. Slowly the work hours have seeped into the leisure hours as everything is happening from home.

In the new normal, the weekend as we knew it is no longer the same. When someone runs a business from home, time is spent on business-related matters, even at weekends. Planning is needed weeks ahead; team coordination, presentations, client meetings and much more is required. Amid hybrid working, every day seems like a Monday to many workers.

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The truth is, productivity does not mean keeping busy. Success isn’t about the number of hours you work or conferences you attend; it’s about your effect on the business and your clients. 

Eventually, the organizations that will win on holding both ability and clients are the ones who address burnout head-on and make a move to forestall it. 

Psychologists emphasize the importance of having a set schedule with clear-cut hours for work and relaxation. “It is essential to take a time-out, especially for women; it has been challenging for them to work from home as well as manage household chores and family.

Usually, our family and friends are aware of the daily office schedule. However, currently, in its absence, we need to create a timetable that defines the time for work and leisure.

The Big Quit will bring a shift in how we work for good, yet the drawn-out benefits for both manager and team member far exceed the short-term hurdles companies will face.

There was a time when flexibility was viewed as an advantage, and having a mindful supervisor at an organization that didn’t drive you to burnout was a special reward. 

However, in today’s times, it would be best if we audit different parts of our lives, ask what’s working and what’s not, and then take an appropriate decision.

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