Work Life Balance is the what is making people choose Employers over Employees

work life balance is the what is making people choose employers over employees

work life balance is the what is making people choose employers over employees

People have this idea about those who handle or run a business that they are lesser to no one, or they are boss of themselves. This might be true to an extent but there is a lot that goes around this idea of making people work for you.

A report recently published by a research group claimed that most people nowadays are preferring to work as employers rather than employees and that basically originates from the idea of being able to give segregated time to each of their daily tasks. Work life balance is an emerging concept and people are starting to get attracted to it.

They are the same people who are also choosing to work from home rather than specific destinations because that way they will be able to focus on work as well as their personal life.

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As per the same survey, 30 percent of them would prefer to work from home and the same percentage was there for people who want to adapt into a hybrid work model that essentially targets the work from home concept.

The research was done by NTT and its Global Senior Vice President, GTM Solutions Alex Bennett talked about the results saying that it is difficult to categorize the needs of the employees as it is extremely complicated to process with ease.

“Currently, the narrative is all about remote working – but the reality of employees’ needs is much more complicated, and any failure to accurately assess and respond to that fact presents a serious risk to organizations,” she said. However, she emphasizes that two of the biggest factors that are driving the workers towards taking control of their affairs is work life balance and commute timings.

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