Finding a Correct Work-Life Balance is a myth; no one Ever Achieves It Practically

maintaining a work life balance with your career

maintaining a work life balance with your career

Since work from home has been the new normal for many employees, maintaining a work-life balance has become a challenge and impossible in itself.

In this present reality, employees are applauded for working the whole day and night, where 40% of individuals utilize their laptops beyond dinner, which no one tends to understand their personal sacrifices. Eventually, people miss out on their personal time. 

It is pretty challenging during pandemic times to find parity between appreciating and improving your own life and being competent at work.

The answer to this most asked question relies upon what you prioritize on. If you need to make a superior balance between personal life and work in your day-to-day existence, as a rule, the decision is in your hands to achieve it. If you’re daily tensed to the brim, you need to make a break back or speak to our boss.

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We are constantly struggling to find time to spend with loved ones as our household chores, and office work gets most of it.

We plan our next day in the belief that we will be able to achieve our mental deadline and bring more clarity to our daily time at home but eventually, we fail in it due to internet issues, virtual office meetings, the sudden arrival of relatives at home etc.

We must stop and introspect if the ability to multi-task is making us feel like a superpower or a burden? Should we change our daily activity schedule or our attitude towards time?

What’s more, if you feel your work is slicing into your own life, it’s an ideal opportunity to have a discussion with your supervisor. There might be a chance to appoint work to different employees or remove a major task from your shoulders.

To find a balance between work and life is a constant struggle, and we either sacrifice work or family in our pursuit. It’s all-in bookish words or strategies but hardly achieved daily practically.

In our busy lifestyle, we forget to make time for ourselves and family, which is important to bring peace, and a happy self that eventually enhances productivity in work.

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