Can Work Life Balance Make You Happy?


Can work-life balance make you happy?

The importance of Work Life Balance cannot be stressed enough for this generation but having said that, priorities of each individual should be the determining argument on deciding your work call.

In recent times, many experts in the field of mental health and work related aspects have stressed on the importance of work life balance in one’s life. There have been proven changes in people who have changed their lifestyle and gone for a better balancing act but can it be said for everyone is the question we are looking at.

The present generation is worked up but what also should be considered is the hunger they are driven with. In fact, it might not just be limited to this generation as much it is about the people we are talking about. Each person is different and their ratios for work and life are different in their lives. For some, work itself is their life.

During the course of the pandemic, many people started small online businesses and grew a lot thanks to social media but the amount of work behind it, the labor, the account, the staff and product purchase, everything for up to one person. In such scenarios, can you truly expect one to have a work life balance?

Absolutely not. But that person not having that balance has nothing to do with satisfaction or happiness. People started their ventures, startups or small home grown businesses out of passion and that passion drives them to work each day. Unlike many other professions, these businesses do not require forced labour, making it all the more enjoyable.

But then again, it is definitely not like people from other professions or the corporate world are suffering. There are some who thoroughly enjoy working and their motivation is their passion or drive not money or stability.

When it comes to work, each of us get satisfaction from entirely different things and it has got nothing to do with work life balance. Some people are money driven. The notification of the amount being credited into their bank accounts is the motivation that keeps them working while others are the ones to work as experts. They don’t know how to rest or how to do anything else but work.

It is impossible to differentiate them as right or wrong as both are activities that make a person happy. People talk about having a life other than work but is it that bad to make work your life?

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A goal that you have set up for yourself since a very young age and suddenly a person comes and asks you to divide your time between going for that goal and your personal life, will it be possible? Will that make you happy? Happiness is not a general idea. It is very specific to people.

The need to talk about work-life balance grew during the pandemic after people began working extra hard to save themselves from being kicked out or to fulfill someone else’s position because of various reasons. The frontline workers had seen the worst crisis since the last two years and for them, such concepts about work-life balance function very well.

Making these concepts compulsory for everyone or forcing them upon people who are otherwise doing very well in their lives, also is not good for their mental health. They constantly struggle between what they want and what the society is asking of them. Isn’t that mental pressure harmful to them?

So knowing the importance of work life balance, one should always be concerned with their wants and requirements. If it’s a 9-5 job that they require and want to forget about work for the next 16 hours, then it is what they should go for but if they want to go that extra mile every single day and be enthusiastic about their work, then this is what they must choose.

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