Work-life Balance Training Program Begins for Women Police Personnel of Chennai in India


Work-life balance training program for women police in Chennai

On Friday(Sept-24), Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal announced a work-life balance training program for women police personnel of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India.

Women police are a vital part of the police force, practically in most nations, and the work of women police in numerous countries is advancing steadily. The ladies police are expected to balance their professional and family life, which is very tough considering their working hours. 

Their work requires 24X7 presence to secure society and maintain law and order in the region, which produces strain and stress in their lives both at work and home. Henceforth various components influence the everyday life of women police personnel. 

Work-life balance is not a definitive science but something that need to be put into practice. It’s more than simply guaranteeing that employees spend half of it at work and half on personal pursuits for every waking hour.

In the three day session, all-female police participants will get a medical checkup. The training would be managed to cover more than 4,800 women police personnel in Chennai. 64 batches will get trained; each set would consist of 76 women.

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The working hours of the women police personnel are entirely inconvenient. A large number of them do their duty from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. In some cases, they must be on the job 24×7 in emergency situations; they need to dedicate at least 10 to 12 hours of work.

The balance between work and life implies maintaining harmony between an individual’s professional and personal life. The new program for the female police department is anticipated to build self-motivation, improve self-image, happiness, positive emotions, health, and calmness, besides managing the personal relationship with ease, along with facing work challenges and learn time management.

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