How will the workspaces be like in post-Covid era

how will the workspaces be like in post covid era

how will the workspaces be like in post covid era

Business Continuity” has been the single biggest challenge for companies ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. How to maintain operations and communications in business as the workspaces transform into virtual model, was a challenge for organizations as well as employees at an individual level. At the same time organizations had to evolve keeping in mind what the future of workspaces and work model would look like, and redesign and remodel accordingly.

Anticipating a difficult scenario where a complete return to physical workspace would be possible, organizations made an optimum use of technology in hand for the future workspace post-Covid. Serviced office spaces was a good option as per their requirements and always readily available. In this way the organizations were able to reduce the costs of real estate as well as overhead costs. Additionally, the companies could expand their operations to varied locations, giving more flexibility to the employees.

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A revamped and remodeled workspace in the post-Covid era can offer plethora of features to help organizations and employees make a paradigm shift in future.

Flexibility to scale up and down as per requirement: These business centres or serviced office spaces serve the best advantage of offering huge flexibility to organizations of upscaling or downscaling the operations based on the requirements.

Upgraded technology: These centres have caught the nerve of great need of upgraded technology for businesses. Advanced technology is a big check for clients and employees’ security along with making increased productivity possible. Few of technological implementations are:

  • App based locks that offer increased security and privacy
  • Voice command operated rooms is a big step towards curating Board rooms – very chic and an incredibly impactful in front of clients
  • Digital Flipcharts are the remodeled version of traditional white boards for meetings, offering an interactive screen while presenting at the click of laptop

Regular sanitization: This is need of the hour amid pandemic, and even after the pandemic. Office suites and common areas are regularly sanitized in the services office centres through use of premium grade disinfectant fogging.

Fully vaccinated teams: Fully vaccinated teams at the office centres make clients feel more safe and comfortable in making use of the workspace.

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