New Zealand Pressured To Send Back Migrant Workers Home

New Zealand Pressured To Send Back Migrant Workers Home

New Zealand Pressured To Send Back Migrant Workers Home

New Zealand New Zealand – Migrants have found it difficult to go back to their hometowns and see their families. With boarders opening up, migrant staff in New Zealand has been wishing to take leave and go back home. Somehow, this has got restricted over shortage of working staff especially in the field of agriculture.

Farmers for example are juggling and retaining essential staff as there is a dearth of them in the country. Because the staff would have to travel to places like the Philippines and India, they needed more than two weeks off, as travel time took chunks out of the holiday time. This is going to throw production schedules out of the rhythm, is what most farm owners would have to say.

Additionally, there is a lot of risk involved in some of them returning back to as China for example, where visitors still needed to do three weeks quarantine. With the spread of the new virus Monkey Pox, there is a need to worry on whether the same migrants could become active carriers back home here.

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Therefore, the destination country and its requirements have to be kept in mind while allowing the migrants to go and come back. Meanwhile, New Zealand continues to face a skill shortage.

There is a dearth of staff in care homes for example, where cases have been seen that elderly have not received baths in eight days because there are few hands-on decks. Aged residential services are frantically looking for nurses and this has been advertised internationally too. Some facilities have literally closed down. Numbers of inbounds has increased post the Covid19 pandemic.

Indeed, the overload has increased after many have recovered, or lost loved one in Covid-19 pandemic and therefore needed to be institutionalized. The extended border closure has also led to shortage of staff that couldn’t return as the sector relied on healthcare staff coming into New Zealand from overseas.

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