Xi Jinping Defends China’s Human Rights Record

xi jinping defends china's human rights record

xi jinping defends china’s human rights record

China China – Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, defended China’s human rights journal to the leading UN human rights official on Wednesday.

Jinping said that each country should be allowed to chart its own course based on its unique circumstances and criticizing nations that advise others on human rights and politicize the issue.

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China’s Statement To The UN Chief

According to an official report from state broadcaster CCTV, Xi assured Michelle Bachelet (UN human rights chief) in a video conversation that –

“Through long-term and persistent hard work, China has successfully embarked on a path of human rights development that conforms to the trend of the times and suits its own national conditions.”

Bachelet’s Controversial Trip

Bachelet is in China for a six-day visit that includes trips in Xinjiang, a remote north west province where the Chinese government is convicted of human rights violations and extermination against Uyghurs and other ethnic groups.

The US and other nations have condemned her trip, believing that China will control who she may speak to, stage her tour, and exploit it for political purposes.

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