New Zealand launches investor migrant visa, in effect from September

new zealand launches investor migrant visa,

new zealand launches investor migrant visa,

New Zealand New Zealand – To entice and attract highly skilled and investors of high value to put their money into domestic businesses, the New Zealand authorities have launched a new investor migrant visa class.

The new Active Investor Plus visa class that has been launched will change the current Investor 1 and Investor 2 visa classes. Eligibility criteria for the new Active Investor Plus visa class of New Zealand includes a minimal funding of $5 million and only 50 per cent of that can be invested in the equities listed.

“We have so many fantastic businesses in New Zealand that are making a real name for themselves in the global marketplace. Our Government has a goal to support these businesses to grow into even more successful global brands, and updating our investor visa settings is a key part of our strategy to attract high-value investors,” Economic and Regional Development Minister of New Zealand, Stuart Nash said at the launch of new visa category.

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The new visa category to be open from September 19, 2022

The new Active Investor Plus visa of New Zealand will be opened on September 19, 2022. Furthermore, the authorities have stressed that the applications for the Investor 1 and Investor 2 category visas will no longer be accepted from July 27, 2022. The government has said that “all applications in the current pipeline will continue to be processed by Immigration New Zealand”.

“The new Active Investor Plus visa will replace the old investment visa categories and would require migrants to make investments in New Zealand businesses”, the minister said.

“The new Active Investor Plus visa will replace the old investment visa categories, which although successful in attracting a large amount of funds over past decade – over $12b –often resulted in passive investment in shares and bonds rather than directly into New Zealand companies”, Mr. Nash added.

“Applicants who make acceptable direct investments, among other requirements, will be eligible for the new visa with a $5 million minimum investment and receive the highest rating which is a lower minimum amount than those who choose more indirect investments. The minimum amount required for indirect investments will be $15 million.”

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