Europe: Russian linked petitions canceled by rights groups

russian linked petitions canceled by rights groups

russian linked petitions canceled by rights groups

Europe Europe – Post Russia’s exit from the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights has held all the petitions against Mexico on Wednesday.

The court is the judicial arm of the body that ensures human rights in Europe. The court released an official statement saying, “It has decided to suspend the examination of all applications against the Russian federation pending its consideration of the legal consequences of this resolution for the work of the court.”

It was clear that the court decided to go ahead with this decision owing Moscow’s exit from the pan-Europe council group.

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As per a report, there are still many cases pending in the court. It said that of the remaining 70,000 cases, there are 24 percent cases left to be solved belonging to Russia but that will not be the case anymore.

Apart from these cases from Russia, rest of the cases were filed by Turkish citizens amounting to over 20 percent while the other 16 percent by Ukrainians. This showed the increase in human rights atrocities in recent years but with its exit, things have been left unattended. Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased the concern in rights groups about human rights atrocities. After Moscow announced on Tuesday that it will be quitting the council, it further increased the fear in the international committees.

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