6 Tips To Write A Professional & Impressive Resume (CV)

tips to write a professional & impressive resume (cv)

tips to write a professional & impressive resume (cv)

A carefully crafted Resume will help your employer find important information about you and improve your chances of getting a job.

Today we are sharing with you handy 6 tips to write a professional & impressive Resume or CV. If you follow these tips, you will be able to impress your employers more than others.

1. Clean & Clear Information

At a glance, a good Resume contains everything you need, clearly listed, with contact information, experience, skills & knowledge.

You should create clarity in your Resume with subheadings and bold. This kind of fine-tuning makes the resume clearer and quick to read.

Also add a factual picture or even a video to introduce yourself to your resume. The purpose of the picture is to give the Resume a face, which will make it easier for the recruiter to remember!

2. Arrange In Order

List your education & experience in chronological order from newest to oldest and mark dates at least on a monthly basis.

This makes it easy for your employer to get an overview of your work and study history. Remember that lack of work experience is not a barrier to job search. Attitude counts!

3. Showcase Your Strengths

Share your experience thoroughly and highlight your strengths relevant to the task. If it’s hard to identify your strengths, you can think about things you’ve been praised for in the past.

If you do not have previous work experience, you can highlight skills gained from education, volunteering or even hobbies.

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4. Show Some Creativity

You can also make your Resume look good  by investing in its visual look. Visual Resume templates and services can be found online or you can design creative CV with Canva, PowerPoint & other tools. They can help you stand out from the crowd!

5. Update Your Resume

Be sure to update your Resume whenever something new happens in your work or student life. Starting the job search process is easier when your Resume is up to date.

6. File Name & Format

Always save the completed Resume as a  PDF  and clearly name it “Resume – Your Name”. This makes it easy for the recruiter to open and process the documents you submit and they look finished.

Verdict On Resume Writing

This ‘6 Tips To Write A Professional & Impressive Resume’ writing guide contains the key building blocks for creating just such a winning resume.

Follow these tips for your resume creation and remember, a well-written and carefully finished resume will give you superpowers in the job market.

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