5 money-saving tips for college students

money saving tips for college students

money saving tips for college students

Many people begin to manage and save money for the first time in college. Financial health typically goes to the bottom of the priority list when attending classes and/or earning a job, but with some forethought and awareness of what is available, students can financially flourish in an increasingly expensive world.

The following are some basic money-saving tips for college students as well as ways to relieve some of the stress of modern living.

1. Early financial habits

Early financial habits are beneficial, and there are numerous advantages to saving money in college. Creating and keeping to a budget that incorporates all of your spending, wages, and savings, whether using a spreadsheet or a cash envelope wallet, can help you prepare for current living costs and future financial goals.

2. Get discounts by showing your student ID

If you know where to search, being a student comes with numerous financial rewards and bonuses. Students can get discounts from a range of businesses and enterprises if they display their FIU One Card.

Using your student ID can help you save money at places like Buffalo Wild Wings and businesses like Under Armour. Individuals can also use websites like UNiDAYS to locate discounts or free presents at their preferred retailers, such as Apple, or for regular shopping, such as grocery stores.

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3. Save money on books and materials

Textbooks and other course materials are notoriously pricey. Especially if there are no possibilities for renting or if new materials must be acquired.

Students can use the Affordability Counts tool to identify courses with digital texts and resources for $60 or less.

4. Free meals

Whether it’s a career fair or homecoming, there’s always free meals and giveaways at school events. When students go to Panther Connect, they can see all of the scheduled events on all campuses and filter them based on whether or not they give free meal or swag.

5. Benefit from student discounts

Individuals who are students have access to free or discounted resources, whether on or off campus.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, and even archery are some of the  examples. Students can also browse and rent all of the library’s books for free, and those with student IDs can get free newspaper subscriptions to periodicals like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

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