Top 5 work trends to watch out for in 2022

top work trends to watch out for in 2022

top work trends to watch out for in 2022

We have here compiled a list of top 5 trends that you need to watch out for in year 2022. The ones who are on to changing their jobs, these trends might help you assess the next move in line. The employers too might benefit from them while navigating through talent system.

Job benefits – think new

Gone are the days when job benefits were limited to a hike or a festive bonus. Time to reimagine things.

  • Education is the new benefit:

Now is not the era where you need to take off from work in order to gain a degree or professional development course. Employers are now offering courses to employees while at work. Edtech platforms, such as Guild Education are offering great opportunities for all employers to help upskill their workforce, an essential “education is a benefit” model.

  • Caregiving is also a benefit:

Data shows that a record women left their jobs in 2021 for caregiving reasons. Providing benefits at jobs like free lunches, gym memberships on an employee-need basis is a great way to express employee appreciation and also share the caregiving load of women staff. Benefits can also be used by employees for education, caregiving, etc.

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Talent will be treated as a service

With great resignation haunting global job market, the trend of employees being hired on need basis will be on a high. This model of “talent as a service” will allow employers to hire “flexible talent” as per their need and for the period they need.

This is of great advantage for employees as it helps them shuffle and try between various career trajectories.

Rise in “employee power”

Pandemic has led to labor shortages and unstable job market. Employers are going to offer great incentives to attract employees – great equity access and ownership. This cooperative work model where employees are given great power is going to be trending this year.

Reskilling with rise of “Metaverse”

Training and reskilling will take a front seat and this is where Metaverse will come to action. With need to keep upgrading one’s knowledge while on job, augmented reality and visual reality will help bridge the gap.

Model of jobs first

The model of jobs-first higher education will pick up ground to help workforce attain education and job experience together. This will also help employers to close in the skill gaps.

Pandemic has really changed how world has been working traditionally. These trends will be an uptick towards a more dynamic work future.

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