5 Proven Tips To Get Quick Promotion In Your Regular Job

tips to get quick promotion in your regular job

tips to get quick promotion in your regular job

Do you want to get a promotion but don’t know what is the best way to do it? Well in this article, you will find 5 proven tips to get quick promotion in your regular job.

1. Acquire New Skills

It is well known that one of the best strategies for gaining promotion is to expand knowledge and skills within the basic areas of the organization.

Considering that technology and environmental forces change abruptly, it is necessary to constantly increase one’s own set of skills, not only to carry out the tasks assigned, but to maintain a solid position on the labor market.

The experts also argue that employees wishing to make a career should not limit themselves to updating themselves on situations relating to their area of expertise, but pay attention to the latest trends and events outside their professional sphere.

2. Build A Bond With Your Boss

It may be helpful to think of your boss as a frontier guard. In fact, s/he represents the person capable of raising, lowering, locking or unlocking the gate and therefore favor your promotion.

S/he uses every opportunity to make your boss an advocate for your career. He uses professional contexts to ask for advice, emphasizing his interest in remaining in the company.

Ask for an evaluation of your performance not only in the context of your tasks, but try to talk with the boss about the potential obstacles to a promotion, trying to understand how to overcome them.

Some experts suggest building a relationship with superiors even outside of work, discovering their interests and hobbies.

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3. Build Your Network

The more people know you and are aware of your strengths, skills, worth and ambitions, the more likely your name will be there at the right time.

An added benefit of network building is that you gain much more information about the company if you interact with employees from other areas of the organization.

4. Be A Team Player

Most of the work currently takes place within cross-functional teams, groups and teams, so it is essential to share successes with your team.

You should avoid pointing fingers at colleagues. when things don’t go right. By practicing team play, you will improve your reputation and increase the value of the company by putting in place a great strategy to get a promotion.

5. Practice Self-promotion

We have learned from our parents that modesty is a virtue, but when you are looking for a job, if you don’t show your skills you can’t go on. Be a known value.

If you’ve accomplished major achievements or earned recognition, make sure people are aware of them, especially those involved in promotions. Sell yourself and make it public that you want to get a promotion.

For example, you can send a monthly email to your superiors to keep them updated on the positive results you have generated through your tasks or projects.

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