Amnesty reports stresses on human rights reforms in South Sudan

amnesty reports stresses on human rights reforms in south sudan

amnesty reports stresses on human rights reforms in south sudan

Sudan Sudan – Human rights activists have stressed the need to urgently come up with human rights reforms for the dragging culture in South Sudan.

A report by Amnesty International said that it is high time that the South Sudan officials move rapidly towards implementation of a human rights agenda which talks in length about the persisting problem and offers a complete solution to such problems.

The human rights defenders network of the African nation is well aware of the issues and hence in a briefing today, they spoke about how only if certain human rights reforms are implemented, there can be any progress in the department as the condition is getting worse with every passing day.

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“Children, older people, pregnant women and people with disabilities, are impacted by the ongoing human rights violations in South Sudan,” said Amnesty official Deprose Muchena.

In 2016, during the announcement of the UPR, South Sudan had declared certain provisions for the human rights agenda but miserably failed to do so. For this purpose, three organizations came together and urged the Government of South Sudan to implement this commitment without further delay.

They highlighted their concerns in a 16 page document which was submitted to the administration. They stressed that if the country focuses on a detailed, structured framework on implementation of the human rights agenda as soon as possible, a lot of positive changes are possible. The recent briefing also highlights how diverse groups in South Sudan, be it children, older people, pregnant women, all will be connected and impacted through the human rights provisions implemented by the country.

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