Why Millions of workers in the UK Thinking of Quitting Jobs Amid Pandemic?

thinking of quitting your job because of the quarantine

thinking of quitting your job because of the quarantine

Many individuals in the UK are genuinely contemplating quitting jobs, and a survey found that 38% of workers are hoping to change careers in the following year. According to the new study led by representatives of private insurance company Westfield Health, up to 16 million UK labourers are thinking about quitting jobs within the following months, and many are planning to switch their regular jobs to remote work.

The reason to resign from jobs differs; some generously paid workers are thinking of giving up on their occupations because the pandemic has changed their priorities or are feeling burned out. Many workers are resigning because the government benefits presented during the coronavirus pandemic suggest they are not compelled to risk their health on an occupation paying peanuts to sustain. 

People are quitting jobs in search of more salary, happiness and flexibility. Many contemplate the purpose of work, are they valued by the employer, and how they would like to invest their time equally at work and home. 

The pandemic and frequent lockdowns have changed the mindsets of millions of employees around the world. Many have started valuing their time; instead of wasting time on travelling to and from home to office, there is a realization of spending time appropriately. The situation is causing a dramatic surge in resignations.

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The results come as the labour market suffers enormous worker shortages across business sectors, with the opening at record highs and a deficient number of candidates.

Amidst burnout and flexible jobs or remote working options and high salaries might stop workers from quitting jobs.

As per critics, the only solution to tackling labour shortage is that the employers must increase their employees’ pay instead of exploiting them by cutting pay or giving more work amid the pandemic. Hoping that this will help retain workers and reduce the rate of resignations.

In the survey, 30% said wellbeing, health and financial security was their primary motivation; other conventional thought processes like travelling were (13%) and bringing up kids (7%) scored lower, the study stated.

People adjusting to the new normal; everyone’s life has taken a 360-degree turn. Due to the Covid crisis, the agenda of people have changed to prioritizing health and family. The scale of people who are looking to change their regular jobs to remote work is increasing.

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