The Best Companies to Work for in the World

the best companies to work for in the world

the best companies to work for in the world

GlobalGlobal – Often the level of a job well done depends on the motivation of employees, this is the life of anyone who has to work. We may think, for example, of high remuneration, flexibility in reconciling work and family life, or a good atmosphere among colleagues. All this is important, especially considering that there is a lot of stress around us now due to the post-COVID and economic crisis.

We have compiled a rating of companies where it is pleasant to work and this is what it looks like:


In addition to being a leading consulting firm, Bain has also been ranked as the best place to work and has been recognized as a company with a strong commitment to LGBTQ and working mothers.

So what are the benefits of this company?

First of all, people. One of Bain’s best offerings is people. The company invests heavily in versatile, friendly, and personable people.

The company also appreciates your time – Internships (opportunity to work in another non-profit company for 4-6 months). Sabbatical (vacation to unplug). Moving (to another company and working for Bain in another global office).

Another benefit of working for Bain & Company is the career support you will have access to after you leave the firm.

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2. Google

There are companies that have gone one step further when it comes to well-being and has created a whole new world for their employees. One of the companies that “spoils” their employees the most is the almighty Google, which, although already famous for the high incentives it gives to its employees, has been crowned thanks to the “Googleplex”, where they offer their employees all kinds of services they can. help them improve their quality of life.

What does Google offer its employees?

“Googleplex”, a small village they built in California. where they offer their workers all kinds of services they might need: child care, mobile libraries, massages, hairdressing, manicures, street markets, sleep pods, and car oil changes, among others. They also allow dogs to be brought to work and encourage children and parents to visit the offices.

3. Twitter

Third place goes to the social network Twitter because the current CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has a lot of money. So much so that she donated a third of her Twitter shares to employees… that’s the equivalent of $200 million. Dorsey tweeted on the subject, saying it’s better to have less of something big than a lot of something small. And this is not the end of the generosity and exclusivity of the CEO: Dorsey is also known for taking new employees on a tour of the Gandhi statue.

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