Quebec: Temporary foreign workers spared from the government’s quarantine rules



In Quebec, the farmers who were experiencing a shortage of workers at the farmland during harvest season were relieved when the federal government exempted temporary foreign workers from staying under 14 days quarantine in hotels on arrival. The latest changes in the covid-19 quarantine rules for temporary foreign workers could help save around $16,000 in 2021.

Amid the pandemic in 2020, a considerable number of farmers depended on temporary foreign laborers on the farm, and lately, the numbers decreased considerably because of the pandemic. As per a survey, around 80% of farmers needed to change how they work on their farmlands, and about 88 percent stated that their farms suffered the negative impact of the pandemic.

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Regardless of alterations to the hotel quarantine rule, the workers yet need to negative coronavirus report within three days of their flight for Canada and also get tested on arrival and also during their 14 days self-quarantine stay at the farmlands.

“Following last years’ experience, we saw that the quarantine at the farmlands worked out positively,” It wasn’t until after the 14 days of self-isolation that there was any community spread of the virus, federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told Radio-Canada.

All through the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Canada worked to secure Canadians and migrant workers. As per the CBC News, the temporary foreign workers (TFWs) have played a significant part in guaranteeing Canada’s food security for quite a long time, and particularly amid the pandemic. Their continual dedication towards safety and timely entry into Canada is vital to our economy, and they deserve to be protected.

The Canadian government acknowledges the significance of the timely arrival of the many temporary workers in the sectors such as farming, agri-food, and fish and seafood processing factories. 

The government is also eager to fund migrant worker organizations to provide direct assistant to laborers influenced by the coronavirus for the 2021 harvest season, and would also help them during the arrival process.

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