How Working Mothers Can Be Great Mentors At Work

young working mother planning home budget while being with her baby at home.

young working mother planning home budget while being with her baby at home.

While behind every great man there maybe a woman; women are actually each other’s best friends, if they want to be. Here are ways that working mothers and women per se can be actually of great help and mentors to younger co-workers:

Educate each other on institutionalized biases:

Be ware as mentors; this is a new role but an important one. Educate your younger female colleagues about sexism and racism. While these things are talked about, women at times don’t know when they are harassed and abused at workplace.

Exhibit What You Stand For:

If you have best practices in place, put them to use. Let newcomers know that you are serious about what you claim as best practices. It will definitely give you a bad impression if that new female colleague sees you breaking the rules after having a conversation with you about how employees should always follow company guidelines.

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Promote and Encourage:

As mothers, selflessness comes to women naturally. This can extend greatly to our other coworkers. Due encouragement and promotion bring forth great energy into the organization. When women feel valued, they work ever harder than men actually would.

Constructive Criticism:

Be constructive in your criticism. What you say should encourage better work culture and should not shoo away new coworkers. Express your disappointment with finesse and control since overdoing it will add an excess amount of guilt and self-doubt to your colleague’s already fragile emotional state. 

Equality For All:

While women may hold leadership positions, create a culture of work where everyone is treated fairly, irrespective of sex. The point of feminism is that an individual should believe that equality should be applicable for everyone, regardless of their sex.

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