Budget Reconciliation Bill To Favor Labor Law Violation Penalties

labor law violation penalties

labor law violation penalties

The Senate Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill is all attuned to prioritize labor law over everything else. In its definition, it has clearly stated this time, that there will be no leniency with those companies that violate workers’ union rights. In fact, they will be slapped with monetary penalties according to congressional, union, and Biden administration officials briefed on the plans.

The hefty reconciliation bill intends to continue to promote Biden administration’s progressive policy goals which includes encouraging union-friendly measures, all without any Republican support. The proposal remains a part of a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint from Senate Democrats.

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The addition of monetary penalties is being seen as the best way to curb the unfair labor right practices across the industries in America. These will be defined further by the National Labor Relations Board.

A PRO Act further intends to give more teeth to the whole labor protection mechanism. This was put up in March but did not pass through the Senate vote. As of now, it is unclear as to how much Democrats may amend the penalties language for inclusion in the budget bill. There is a sizable penalty defined by the National Labor Relations Board already. “Labor law violation can go upto $50,000 per labor violation, and up to $100,000 for repeat offenders, on top of damages recouped for workers. Creating financial penalties for unlawful anti-union activity will finally deter employers from violating the law and will better protect workers’ rights,” said House labor committee chair Bobby Scott (D-Va.), one of the PRO Act’s authors. “The only people who should worry about these penalties are the executives committing unfair labor practices and currently getting away with it.”

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