US embassy to Georgia expresses disappointment over the appointment judges for SC

georgia judges appointment

georgia judges appointment

Last updated on July 23rd, 2021 at 05:35 am

The embassy of the United States in Georgia recently expressed its disappointment in a written statement due to the appointment of judges to the country’s Supreme Court.

The embassy was upset over the fact that Georgian politicians majorly from the Georgian Dream party were unable to fulfill the obligation under the deadline for the mandate by the European Union.

On July 12, the parliament of Georgia decided to appoint six new judges which were among the nine decided candidates for the Supreme Court. This was a one way decision taken against all the international communities and NGOs. The opposition party also was against the process asking for a moratorium to be placed in between.

The US embassy on Friday asserted, “Unfortunately, this nomination and appointment process, and the failure to undertake inclusive, comprehensive judicial reform, fell short of the commitment Georgia’s leaders, including the ruling party, made to implement the April 19 Agreement in good faith.”

Dismissing all the possibilities of a favourable project for all, the US embassy emphasised on the previously decided structure of conducting amicable judicial reform through a transparent process by involving legal experts, civil society and opposition parties. Whatever the decision has been taken, it is through a unilateral approach which completely disobeys the norms agreed on April 19.

The embassy highlighted how the politicians have been inconsistent as the agreement included a proper source of negotiation among international partners and amended the ways which saw a great level of discrepancy in the system of legal functioning.

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The statement also said that despite warnings of the legal experts and other members of the civil society, the parliament continued with its flawed process and even the most learned members have acknowledged that the parliament did not include the most qualified people. The embassy further added, “The United States stands ready to continue our efforts to support Parliament and the people of Georgia’s incredible efforts to strengthen the judicial system and the rule of law in Georgia.”

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