Visa restriction keep migrant workers stuck out of New Zealand in harsh realities

visa restriction keep migrant workers stuck out of new zealand in harsh realities

visa restriction keep migrant workers stuck out of new zealand in harsh realities

New Zealand New Zealand – Migrant workers of New Zealand have been struggling to enter the nation since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Their situation was so critical that they were left with no choice, they were being dependent on other family members for their survival.

One of the migrant workers stuck in the situation Rubica Kapoor shared her crisis that her family has to live off her father-in-law’s Indian pension as they are unable to get back to their home in Aotearoa due to visa legalities.

Her family of three have been waiting along with 455,222 visa recipients to enter the borders of the island nation which were closed owing to the pandemic. The doors were closed for people having working visas as well, said the data compiled by migration NZ.

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“Those people will be hurting big time because it’s grossly unfair to welcome tourists before we look after those people with strong ties to New Zealand,” Kapur said while sharing her story.

They have been fighting with the New Zealand’s government for a long time and now they have started pleading with them to reinstate expired visas for those with lives in New Zealand. However, the authorities stress that it is unlikely that something like this will happen anytime soon. Migrant Workers’ Association spokeswoman Anu Kaloti is reportedly in contact with about 700 migrants who are stuck in India who have their homes and settlements in New Zealand. Other countries stuck in similar situations are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and China.

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