Reports stress Canada’s incompetency in taking action to improve migrants situation

reports stress canada’s incompetency in taking action to imporve migrants situation

reports stress canada’s incompetency in taking action to imporve migrants situation

Last updated on February 23rd, 2022 at 01:38 pm

Canada Canada – is one of the blessed countries right now with a balance in every sphere. Be it agriculture or industrial work, there is a scope for everyone.

This is one of the reasons why people rush to Canada for work. But Canada being a priority for others does not guarantee safety in the country. It can be gathered from an incident that happened last month where a worker from Jamaica died in isolation hoping to get treatment for Covid.

Though his testing positive for the virus was not revealed but him being in isolation in a hotel room before joining farm work surely clarified a lot of things. It revealed that Canada has not ensured safety practices for migrants despite having such a massive inflow of them in recent years.

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The Jamaican worker was in isolation in Southwestern Ontario completing his mandatory isolation but till he was in the room, he did not receive any check-up or any treatment and one day he was found dead. The farm owner, under whom he was appointed, said that he was a healthy man and he had heard all good things about him.

A report recently highlighted the terrible living conditions of these migrant workers in the country. The country is well-equipped with a lot of facilities that could be a help in taking care of migrant workers but still, the ignorance of the Canadian government is constant and the lack of responsibility is even more infuriating.

Since the pandemic arrived, the situation has become worse. The particular report also revealed that inspectors who are working for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), which is a federal agency, have been conveniently neglecting the appeals made by the migrants especially after the pandemic situation.

The workers have complained regarding employers not living upto pandemic regulations and yet the federal agency is ignorant to their needs.
As per the report, the situation is getting more alarming with every passing day. The basic issues seem to revolve around lack of supervision by the authorities which often result in negligence at the initial level. The fault is from both areas– federal employees as well as the contractors.

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