Laborers in the United States had enough of abuse: Union

laborers in the united states had enough of abuse

laborers in the united states had enough of abuse

United States United States – The year 2021 witnessed laborers come on streets of the United States as the nation is currently witnessing huge labor shortages as the workers are disappointingly underpaid which is making things worse with every passing day. The workers have finally decided that they have had enough of this unfair treatment.

There have been constant claims in the media where some of the industries have expressed that they have been witnessing labor shortages as the economy recovers from Covid-19 shutdowns and amid all of it, the workers have been pushing their employers to raise their wages along with providing a few other benefits.

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They are also demanding  improved working conditions and benefits such as paid sick leave through walkouts, protests, rallies and strikes and more. “I’ve been traveling a lot to picket lines all over the country in the last couple of months, been in so many different states and across all industries,” Liz Shuler, president of the AFL-CIO.

This year saw that many of the workers were tired of the treatment towards them and that essentially resulted in them quitting their jobs at record rates. The uptic however occurred around the US in the last few months of this year.

Not only many of the tech companies but even health facilities are experiencing a certain disturbance when it comes to the workers and their availability in the matter.

According to many of the labor workers, they have been subjected to miserable treatment since the past two years where their complaints of not being given health security or not being paid as per the standard wage have conveniently been neglected by citing the ongoing pandemic. Experts suggest that there is no way that things are going to get better anytime soon. One of the experts in the matter said that if leaders or employers are waiting for any big change that it will not be before next year as there is a high profile coverage of all the strikes that are taking place in the nation and the laborers will not want to give up on the opportunity.

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