5 Facts About Human Trafficking; What Makes Someone Vulnerable To Human Trafficking?

what makes someone vulnerable to human trafficking

what makes someone vulnerable to human trafficking

Human trafficking is the unlawful act of exploiting women, men, and children to benefit from their work or service. According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world. Lack of education and corruption makes people vulnerable to human trafficking.

5 facts about human trafficking

Let us know more about human trafficking. Here are the 5 facts about human trafficking –

Human trafficking is a global issue

Trafficking involves transporting someone from one place to another. This typically happens in the form of forced labour, forced marriage, prostitution, and organ removal. People across the world are exploited due to a lack of education, government corruption, political instability, and war.

Women and girls are most often exploited for sex work

The vast majority of trafficked women and girls are forced to do sex work. Traffickers forced them into prostitution for a huge amount of money. The majority of human trafficking profits come from sexual exploitation. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.

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Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry

Traffickers earn global profits of roughly $150 billion a year, out of which $99 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation.

Children raised in foster care are vulnerable

Reportedly, a large number of child sex trafficking survivors in the United States were at one time in the foster care system. The FBI report indicated that children raised in foster care are especially vulnerable to human trafficking.

In 2018, over 51.6 per cent of the criminal human trafficking cases active in the US were sex trafficking cases involving only children.

Migrants are vulnerable

People who leave their country during times of conflict are at an increased for being trafficked. Human traffickers take advantage of the situation and exploit them. According to the UN’s special rapporteur on human trafficking, migrant trafficking occurs “on a regular basis.” Traffickers use online social media platforms to target people.

These are the 5 facts about human trafficking. Let us know your remarks about human trafficking in the comment section below.

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