5 Unknown & Shocking Facts About Child Labour

unknown & shocking facts about child labour

unknown & shocking facts about child labour

Child labor being the physical or mental harm to the children is the trendiest topic in the modern era, where the fights against the same are at their peak.

The COVID scenario, however, forced the poor world to again focus on child labor, from which the children get deprived of their basic rights to education, food, and many more.

June 12, being the world day against child labor, was initiated to elevate the wakefulness among people to put off child labor.

1) 160 Million Child Labor

According to the estimates of the International labor organization, on average, about 160 million children are engaged in child labor or forced to do labor work. The number is being boosted up, however.

2) Geographical Distribution

Since child labor is there all over the world, statistics showed that half of the child labor is there in Africa, with Asia and the pacific region followed by it, where approximately 62 million child laborers live. America, the Middle East, and Europe with Central Asia comprise 10,2,6 million child laborers.

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3) Impact Of COVID

Covid-19 made a drastic impact on the economy and made school-going children into factory-going children in a year or two. The money problem again forced the children to work as child-laborers to increase the income stream for basic living.

4) Educational Impact

A question arises on whether education can make a significant impact on poverty? And the answer is yes. High-quality and affordable education can make a good turn from child labor to education.

5) End By 2025

As per 2015 reports, UN members however made a plan to end child-labor and poverty by 2025. Eliminating child labor, however, will assist to eliminate poverty and may strengthen the economy.

The same will boost education, health, and infrastructure. Not only them, Companies and communities shall also join hands to eliminate child labor.

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