6 Spots That Saw Massive Marches On May Day 2022

spots that saw massive marches on may day 2022

spots that saw massive marches on may day 2022

May day sent out signals of mayhem across the world as labor groups organized marches landing up into clashes of all kinds. Police was forced to fire tear gas in order to push back black-clad anarchists who ransacked business premises. Here is a low down on the world as it looks on the first day of the month of May:

  • Paris: In Paris, Macron’s re-elections have not been met with quite applause. The ones applauding their own government efforts were few while those criticizing and showing resentment were far more.  Those shaming their governments asked them to do more. Tensions erupted in Paris when some demonstrators smashed windows at some banks, a fast-food restaurant and a real estate. People want pay raise and Macron to drop plans to increase the retirement age.

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  • Mexico: Sex workers in Mexico were taking to the streets demanding equal recognition and rights.
  • Seattle: Streets here were thronged by Drivers Union who were protesting against low paid, no job security and the likes.
  • Brazil: In Sao Paulo, Brazil, crowds gathered to hear union leaders as well as the former president, and likely presidential candidate, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
  • Greece: In Athens, metro trains ground to a halt and ships were docked in ports as thousands of workers joined May Day rallies in the Greek capital to protest against soaring energy and food costs.

These spots across the world came on streets to protest for workers rights, better working conditions, wages and economic hardships

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