Women Can Now Track Their Menstrual Cycle On Whatsapp

women can now track their menstrual cycle on whatsapp

women can now track their menstrual cycle on whatsapp

Female users can now track their menstrual cycle on WhatsApp. They don’t need to worry about their period date now. You just need to send a “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account.

Sirona, a feminine hygiene brand, has launched India’s first-period tracker on WhatsApp. Female users can keep a tab on their periods by sending a “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account on 9718866644.

Deep Bajaj, Co-founder and CEO of Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd talked about the collaboration with WhatsApp. Bajaj reportedly said, “Technology has the potential to alter the lives of menstruators, and we are using it to create a better environment and community for them to connect and flourish.”

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Is Sirona WhatsApp Business Account useful?

The period tracker is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform. The period-tracking tool can be used to track three goals – track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy. Bajaj said that they have used the power of AI and intuitive technology to offer ease to female users.

Female users need to enter their last period details and the chatbot will keep a record. The chatbot will share reminders about upcoming cycle dates as per the user’s goal. It runs on an intuitive chatbot interface.

Sirona also has a separate app that provides information to menstruators about menstrual health and hygiene. The app also has an in-built period tracker.

Here is how you can track their menstrual cycle on WhatsApp

  • Add 9718866644 to your contacts
  • Send “Hi” on the WhatsApp number
  • Sirona will provide a list of options
  • To track your periods, write “period tracker” in the chat box
  • Enter your last period details
  • Sirona will remind you about your period date

Sirona will provide information about your ovulation, fertile window, next period details, last period details and your cycle length. The main purpose is to create education and awareness about menstrual hygiene and help women.

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