UN stresses on Nigeria to focus on rights of the detainees

un stresses on nigeria to focus on rights of the detainees

un stresses on nigeria to focus on rights of the detainees

Nigeria Nigeria – The urgent need for Nigeria to focus on the rights of the detainees has been highlighted by the United Nations. The world organization has urged Nigeria to ensure that the detainees are given their share of rights that are meant for them.

The situation in the country was highlighted during a consultative workshop on UN Committee Against Torture (CAT)  which was arranged for civil society and the media questioned about it for the same purpose.

There was a requirement for an initial level of investigation, but Nigeria has not given a green signal for it.

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Considering the situation, the United Nations recommended the criminalisation where an attempt to make amendments for the  Anti- Torture Acts, 2017 can be discussed. According to the recent suggestions provided by the UN, the state party must provide the human and financial resources needed so that things work in proper structure.

There has to be a connection between all the local branches of the legal aid council and it should also involve other government facilities. It is important that the country and authorities realise that the rights of the detainees are equally important and nobody but themselves can ensure their safety.

Having said that, the core committee members also praised the efforts put forward by Nigeria to reform the police system and enact the revisions effectively so that human rights are guaranteed to them. The information was completely contradicted by another organization called the Civil Society Organisation. According to them, they highlighted that the government has miserva[ly failed to submit the report on this situation to the UN and highlight the level of toruture that the detainees or prisoners are going through.

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