Thailand still the first choice of civilians in Myanmar

thailand still the first choice of civilians in myanmar

thailand still the first choice of civilians in myanmar

Thailand Thailand – Despite several attempts to pit across the dangers of illegal border crossings, civilians in Myanmar are not ready to fudge from their decision to sneak into Thailand to avoid the turbulent climate of Myanmar.

Myanmar is under a military coup because of which a lot of the daily activities of the civilians in the country have been affected.

An ordinary citizen can no longer exercise freedom in its true sense and that is making them leave the country even if the road is filled with dangers.

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Myanmar was already struggling before the pandemic but the pandemic and military coup made things worse. People in the country were not satisfied with the employment opportunities but never were fearful of leaving the nation for whatever reason but now that has changed.

Even now many of the workers from Myanmar are preferring to work in Thailand but things have changed since March 2020, when the borders were closed between the two due to the regional conflicts and Covid-19 pandemic.

But despite the border closures, the migrants kept travelling illegally, threatening not only the security of the nation but also the safety of themselves. People moving towards Thailand has drastically increased especially after the increase in violence in Myanmar by the military power. There is still no official confirmation on the size of the inflow of migrants to Thailand as there is no record that shows how many have entered through borders–illegally or legally– and how many of them have been caught.

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