Texas has bused nearly 9,000 migrants to NYC and DC

texas has bused nearly 9,000 migrants to nyc and dc as an affront to biden's immigration policies

texas has bused nearly 9,000 migrants to nyc and dc as an affront to biden’s immigration policies

USUS – Since April, Texas has brought more than 7,400 migrants to DC, and since August 5, more than 1,500 migrants to New York.

In recent months, Texas has sent a total of about 9,000 asylum seekers to New York and Washington, D.C., as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to highlight his criticism of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. The Biden administration refuses to secure the border.

“The busing mission is providing much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities,” Abbott’s office said in a statement.

A vocal critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, Abbott began sending hundreds of voluntary migrants by bus to DC earlier this year as an insult to the administration. The Abbott office said that in order to get on a bus or plane, a migrant must volunteer for transportation and present documents from DHS.

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New York City received a record number of migrants this week, and more buses are expected, according to a City Hall immigration official.

Mayor Eric Adams and other city officials have previously accused the Abbott administration of forcing asylum seekers to board buses bound for New York and not coordinating with the city on people transfers. Earlier this month, city officials said reception centers were already overflowing with more than 4,000 people since the surge that began in May.

“It’s unimaginable. Come to a country and your first visit here, someone is throwing you out, as the Governor of Texas is doing, then trying to navigate this complex country to deliver your services,” Adams said.

Majorcas criticized Abbott for not working with destination cities. “They have the infrastructure to address the needs of migrants, and we need to calibrate the movement of people, according to their capacity and their efficiencies. And that is not being done,” he said.

Majorcas said his department approached Abbott to improve coordination, but Abbott did not respond.

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