State official will have to decide between employers’ businesses and labourers benefits

Kathy hochul labour benefits

Kathy hochul labour benefits

Last updated on September 3rd, 2021 at 01:06 pm

Even with the purest intentions, not everything is possible overnight. The new policies that are aligned to be implemented under the governor Kathy Hochul might be designed to protect the laborers’ rights, but it may ultimately bring loss for the business holders.

Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the business holders, especially the ones operating a relatively small business. Of course, the labourers were the ones to suffer the most given that they are employed with wage benefits per day, but the employers also suffered a gripping loss in their business.

At such a time, governments of various countries have been making efforts to bring a balance and help the two sections, but somehow, one is always being benefited over the other. The new changes in policies in the state of New York is one of the examples of how difficult it has become to strike the perfect balance.

Currently there is a major documental clash between the labour unions and the business advocates who are debating over undue benefits to one side. The recent law, if implemented, will mandate staging covid related happening on employers and protections for workers.

One of the officials from the New York office of the National Federation of Independent Business, Ashley Raislow said that the new restrictions or mandates asked to be followed by the small business under Covid-19 restricts will further threaten the survival of the employers and will prove to be the ‘final nail in coffin’.

Various other groups along with NFIB have come together to urge the Hochul administration to be very cautious before passing any synch mandate. The act is called the New York HERO act and it was introduced by the former governor Andre Cuomo earlier this year. This act is in line with the rights of the labour unions and has been made in consideration with their struggles during the pandemic.

These groups have been filing complaints against the new law and are asking Hochul to give some thought on the impact of this before passing it. North Country Chamber of Commerce, the Niagara USA Chamber among others have come together to support NFIB as they fear that once the laws passes, the small business employers will suffer a lot of loss.

As of now, the administration has already made the health and essential rights act compulsory and it aims to provide safety and sufficient health measures to be put in a business that has at least 10 people as staff. It also makes it compulsory to protect workers or employees from airborne infectious diseases.

Given the situation of the labourers due to the covid-19 pandemic, the state Department of Labor had published a protection standard for industries such as construction, agriculture, food services, manufacturing and retail.

The employees, however, feel that despite the pandemic, more and more employees are returning to work and it is very important to guarantee their safety in order for them to work efficiently and fearlessly in any department. Departments like New York State Nurses Association and others stress, “More and more New Yorkers are returning to work and they deserve to be able to do their jobs without being exposed to COVID-19.” Whatever the two sides are saying is right from their perspective, says Ken Pokalsky, the Business Council’s vice president. However, the decision has to be taken with consideration towards the public health safety and that could only be advised by health professionals. So the administration has to agree to what the medical experts say and take the call accordingly.

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