Shocking! Husband And In-Laws Make Woman Half-Naked, Thrashes Her Over Land Dispute

shocking! husband and in laws make woman half naked, thrashes her over land

shocking! husband and in laws make woman half naked, thrashes her over land

Last updated on July 15th, 2022 at 04:03 am

India India – In a shocking and tragic incident in Madhya Pradesh, a woman was made half-naked and thrashed brutally by her husband and in-laws over a land dispute. A 3-year-old child of the woman rescued her.

The incident took place in Kolaras locality of Shivpuri district. The woman, Savita Kewat, a resident of Haripur village, Kolaras, had bought a plot with the help of her parents. She had deposited the instalments of the plot by working hard as a labourer. She reportedly wanted to do the registration of the plot as soon as possible. However, at the time of registration of the plot, her husband and in-laws pressured her to get the plot registered in his husband’s name.

When she refused, her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law started assaulting her. They also took off the woman’s clothes and dropped her on the ground. Subsequently, they started beating her and making her half-naked. Later on, her 3-year-old innocent son came to save her mother.

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The plight of the woman

After the incident, she reached the police station and registered a complaint against her husband and in-laws. The woman claimed that if the plot is registered in her husband’s name, he will sell it and her dream of educating her small child will remain unfulfilled. She also revealed that she endured the beating for a long time.

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On the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case against the three accused, and an investigation has been started.

This type of incident is common in rural areas in India. Women are often assaulted by their in-laws. Recently, another shocking incident took place in Madhya Pradesh. A married tribal woman in a village in Madhya Pradesh was beaten up, stripped half-naked and made to walk across the village while carrying her husband for having an affair with another man.

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