Poor payroll processes are impacting workers’ mental health

Poor payroll processes are impacting workers' mental health

Poor payroll processes are impacting workers’ mental health

United Kingdom United KingdomThe figures relating to poorly managed payroll processes in the United Kingdom (UK) are quite shocking. Poor payroll processes are impacting workers’ mental health because many workers are concerned that their salary won’t appear in their accounts on payday.

Many retail and hospitality employees are struggling with their mental health daily. Reportedly, around 300,000 workers in the hospitality sector don’t trust their employer to pay them the right amount on payday. According to the health services figure, around 480,000 workers in the UK worry that they are getting lesser salaries than what they are expecting.

In the UK, 69,000 teachers also said that they don’t trust they will be paid the right salary each month. Reportedly, the poorly managed payroll processes have led to many people getting short term and high-interest payday loans.

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Around 77 per cent of UK workers expect to receive digital payslips from their employers. However, 1 in 5 workers said anxiety and poor communication around payment makes them think about looking for a new job. This number has increased significantly in the medical and health services; hospitality and leisure sectors. A lot of companies’ managed payroll processes are not up to standard and are affecting a lot of workers’ mental health.

Reportedly, all sectors have felt the strain during the Covid-19 pandemic. Workers’ mental health turned worse during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many workers struggled with their mental health because they had to make many adjustments to work and home life.

Reportedly, if businesses want to avoid the great resignation, then they need to make their payroll processes up to standard. Perhaps if companies took the steps necessary to make standard payroll processes, the great resignation wouldn’t be so great.

Onboarding some new HR software and adapting to digital technologies can reduce complexity and increase work efficiency. Employers can hire a third party team of experts to manage the complexities of running payroll.

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