Migrants now require Covid-19 insurance to enter Taiwan

migrants now require covid 19 insurance to enter taiwan

migrants now require covid 19 insurance to enter taiwan

Taiwan TaiwanMigrant workers now would require Covid-19 insurance in order to enter Taiwan, according to a new regulation that was implemented beginning on December 1. The insurance, however, will be paid for by the employer. The other migrant workers will be required to undergo a mandatory quarantine for 14 days after entering the country. While this new requirement is expected to bring in more migrant workers in the country with insurance against the infection, this is all on paper. In reality it is possible that employers might try to push the insurance cost on the workers instead of bearing them as required under the new guideline.

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Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Committee has approved six insurance companies that would handle insurance policies for the migrant workers. These companies are Cathay Century Insurance, Chung Kuo Insurance, Fubon Insurance, Hotai Insurance, Shinkong Insurance, and Taian Insurance. The Covid-19 insurance policy per person would cost approximately 1,200 NT per person. The policies would cover hospitalization costs for the coronavirus infected migrant workers for 30 days period. The insurance company is to pay the hospital directly in such a scenario, amount up to 500,000 NT.

According to the regulation, a migrant worker would not be required to enter Taiwan unless his employer can provide a proof of purchasing insurance policy for the worker. In a case of violation or attempt to push policy cost on to the migrant worker, employer can face a fine of 60,000 NT to 300,000 NT. Additionally, these employers would be barred for two years from applying for permits to bring migrant workers.

But a violation is still expected. In past in a incident in Hsinchu, a migrant worker broker had sent 32 workers to a regular hotel instead of quarantine. This resulted in six being tested positive for Covid-19. The brokers are also found to pass on costs to workers, including bringing them into country, transportation and other overhead costs. The workers are threatened into silence, making them vulnerable.

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