One-Stop Service available for Migrant Workers in Taiwan

'one stop' service for migrant workers ministry of labour taiwan

‘One stop’ service for Migrant workers, Ministry of labour in Taiwan says

TaiwanTaiwan – Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) announced that they are drafting a plan to provide newly arrived migrant workers with a “one-stop” service. With this new policy it will enable them to have access to pre-employment training lectures and all necessary documentation over a three day period.

Paul Su, who is a deputy head of the Workforce Development Agency’s Cross-Border Workforce Management Division pointed out that under these services that the ministry is planning, it will include workers’ meals and accommodation for the first three days as soon as they arrive in Taiwan.

It is difficult in the current scenario since now all the migrant workers are required to receive only a 30-minute pre-employment lecture from the relevant authorities on arrival at the airport. And at times it is difficult for them to grasp so much in such a short span of time.

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Improving the services now, Ministry of Labour(MOL) has decided that after the brief introductory lecture, all the workers will be transported to dormitories arranged by their employers to wait for the necessary documentation, including employment permit, health insurance and residency cards that often took days to process.

This new rule come as Taiwan is facing a labor shortage, due in part to a ban on new migrant workers entering the nation since COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the early entry suspension, employers of foreign caregivers have increasingly filed complaints, saying that their employees are seeking permission to leave for higher-paying factory jobs but they are unable to comprehend with the needs. Under the new policy, consent from their employer would no longer be sufficient for workers to take a job in a different sector rather employees will have more say in their work process.

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