10 best jobs in the Philippines 2022

10 best jobs in the philippines 2022

10 best jobs in the philippines 2022

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 06:11 am

Philippines – In 2022, there has been a shift in in-demand jobs in the Philippines. Due to the pandemic, people are now looking for more online jobs than ever. Fortunately, many companies offer vacancies even without experience.

The Philippines recorded a record unemployment rate of 6.9% in July 2021, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). This was the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic, when the unemployment rate was 93%.

But the mood still remains, people are looking for work on the Internet! In addition, companies are actively looking for candidates for vacant positions.

In this article, we will show a list of the most requested and best jobs in the Philippines in 2022.

1. Virtual Assistant (Freelancer/BPO)

In the United States, 68% of companies outsource services to countries such as India and the Philippines. This is why there are ample opportunities for Filipinos to work for foreign clients.

Clients are looking for virtual assistants in different fields. This is why the term “virtual assistants” can cover a wide range. So the job description depends on the client or the company.

So, if you are an entry-level virtual assistant with no experience, the reality is that you will have a hard time finding your first client. Moreover, ensuring the safety of the client does not necessarily mean that the client will renew the contract with you.

2. Back office employee

Another job that is gaining popularity in the Philippines is the Back Office Associate (BOA). As with virtual assistants, the job description (BOA) depends on the needs of the client.

Those who work as BOAs are tasked with assisting several industries such as IT, customer service, order processing, and a number of other administrative tasks.

At Global Strategic, becoming a beginner BOA is not difficult if you have good communication skills, the right attitude and a willingness to learn.

3. Call center agent

For years, the call center industry in the Philippines has continued to thrive even during the pandemic – and for good reason!

The Philippines has been called the “BPO Capital of the World”. Foreign companies continue to praise the Philippines for their talent and work ethic. In addition, the government actively supports the business process outsourcing industry in the country.

4. Social Media Marketing / Content Creators

Like our daily work, our sources of entertainment have shifted from TV to the Internet. Along with this appeared advertising, business and much more.

This is why there is such a high demand for social media marketers and content creators. In this age of social media and entertainment, branding is everything.

How you are perceived in the public eye (or lack thereof) can make or break any business. Thus, much attention is paid to effective social media marketing.

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5. Data Entry Specialists

In every company, data is extremely important. Thus, there are always job openings for data entry specialists in the Philippines.

Among the most in-demand professions listed in this article, data entry is by far the easiest. You only need a basic knowledge of document processing applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

The main job description of a data entry specialist is to validate and digitize data. Basically, you will need to perform administrative tasks related, as the name suggests, to data entry.

6. Recruitment Specialist / Recruitment Specialist

As companies continue to expand, they will need more people to fill vacancies. But how can these companies find the right people for the job? This is where recruiters and specialists come to the rescue!

The job description of a recruiter is primarily related to the selection of candidates. In addition, they may also be tasked with identifying potential candidates and conducting a post-screening assessment.

7. Jobs related to accounting

Accountants, accounting analysts and other related professions will be in high demand in 2022. The main duties of these people are to perform administrative tasks.

Among these tasks are:

Perform initial check functions to ensure that supporting documents are adequate before processing, in accordance with the client’s policies and procedures.

Make journal entries for manually generated expense reports after performing the analysis and calculating the appropriate taxes.

8. Government related jobs

There are many people who want to work for the Philippine government. If you manage to get a job, you will receive several benefits, including job security and a pension.

Generally, you would like to pass the civil service exam before applying for a government job, as this is one of the main requirements. Once you do this, the government will offer several positions in different areas.

You can work for government in information and communications technology, education, tourism, finance, the environment, and more.

9. Education

Dr. José Rizal immortalized the phrase “Ang Kabataan Ang Pag-Asa Ng Bayan” (“Youth is the hope of the country”). At the same time, the Philippines has always emphasized the importance of education.

In fact, a Manila Bulletin article reported that the education sector received its biggest budget increase in 2022. At present, the budget of the Ministry of Education is about 36.8 billion pesos higher than the previous one.

10. Healthcare / Medicine

According to a Jobstreet study, the medical/healthcare industry is ranked 8th among the top 10 employment industries in the Philippines. Quite an unexpected detail, given the consequences of the pandemic.

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