5 ways to get SEO for job posting right

5 ways to get seo for job posting right

5 ways to get seo for job posting right

While you always want to value quality over quantity, there are ways to market a job to a large but niche group. How do you do it, you ask? The answer is simple: SEO for job posting.

Whether you’re placing your ads on job boards individually or streamlining the process with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), search engine optimization will help your jobs rank higher in the search results.

With the introduction of keywords and backlinks, we will show you exactly how to optimize your job posting for search engines.

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Keywords in SEO for job posting

1 – Relevant keywords

Did you post a job posting that said you were looking for a “Blogging Superstar” or “Social Media Master”? Do not worry. We’ve all been there. There is still time to check SEO.

You want to avoid the useless “buzzwords” that seem to have become popular in job descriptions.

Some examples to avoid:

  • Black belt
  • Guru
  • Ninja
  • Jedi
  • Rockstar
  • Wizard
  • evangelist
  • Prophet
  • Entrepreneurial.

At first glance, these quirky additions to the job description might seem like a good idea. However, candidates consider them outdated and desperate.

2 – URL of your vacancy

It is important to have a searchable URL and make the most of SEO for job postings. Here are the best practices for creating a job URL that performs well in search and also directs potential candidates to your job site:

  • Keep it relevant and simple (include keywords)
  • Do not use numbers or special characters (unless they are listed in your product or job description).
  • Don’t use too many hyphens, it will make the URL too long.

3 – Meta titles and meta descriptions of your job posting

Meta titles and meta descriptions are two fields that appear on a search engine results page (SERP).

The meta title should be simple and straightforward, letting job seekers know about a job opening as soon as they are interested. A meta description is a heading under a heading that describes the content of a web page in more detail.

4 – Share your vacancy on social networks

Search engines study traffic and reposts to create an algorithm for search results. Therefore, the more information about vacancies will be distributed, the better it will rank in relevant search queries.

Just remember that there are always rules for every social media platform. Here is a quick overview of SEO best practices for posting jobs on social media:

  • Consistently share the job URL across platforms
  • Make content more accessible by writing valuable or entertaining text.

Incorporate visuals into your social media posts (they get more engagement than any other type of post). To diversify the visualization, Recruitee allows you to specify different photos for each job. Use this when posting on social media to keep consistency!

5 – Post your job on high traffic job boards

Message boards such as Indeed and Monster, for example, are highly rated and considered an authoritative source by Google.

Posting your job listing on them will result in more traffic and a strong backlink profile, making your job description more likely to rank higher. There are hundreds of job boards, so we’ve created a list for you to help you choose where to post!

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