How to use psychology to hire the best employees

how to use psychology to hire the best employees

how to use psychology to hire the best employees

Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 10:57 am

Global – Every hiring manager or recruiter strives to hire quality employees because they understand value. Quality employees help companies avoid the high cost of hiring the same position every few months and boost morale and productivity.

However, effective recruitment is not easily achievable due to the possible bias of managers and recruiters. This means they can’t see anything other than what the candidate presents during interviews and all stages of hiring.

There may also be some issues with impressing potential clients during job interviews because some companies don’t understand what candidates are looking for in the workplace.

But how do you use hiring psychology during the hiring stages to attract and hire quality employees? Read our detailed guide.

1. Emphasize work safety

For most people, work is not only a source of income, but also gives them a sense of purpose in life. So when their job security is threatened, it leads to anxiety and stress, resulting in decreased productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction levels.

Different candidates seek different aspects of job security depending on what each of them wants from a career opportunity. However, there are vital factors you should consider such as salary, contract terms, work environment and benefits.

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2. Create Structured Interviews

Structured interviews are conducted using predefined questions that are asked in the same order for all candidates. Although this is the least interactive style of interview, the factor of hiring psychology lies in the uniformity of the question, which reduces the possibility of recruiter bias.

For the same reason, structured interviews are also considered more valid and reliable than other styles. Studies show that 74% of HR managers prefer to use the structured interview method because of its validity and because it is often the last step in hiring.

3. Tell us about your employee recognition programs

You offer competitive wages, good working conditions, and the equipment your new hires need to get the job done. But besides the essentials, what else is on the table? Why should qualified candidates choose to work for your company?

You must prove to them that the benefits of choosing your company will help them advance their careers and nurture them as individuals. Talking about your company’s strengths and recognition programs will help you do just that.

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4. Use psychological assessments

Psychological assessments are a unique and deeper method of evaluating a candidate. You need to understand the candidate in order to know if they are suitable for the job. There are several types of tests you can use in your recruitment process, but they generally fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Personality Tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Skill tests

Employee personality tests are the most common and use personality psychology. They help define each candidate’s traits and how they interact with people, motivate themselves, and behave in certain situations.

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