Australia’s new cost-cutting measures will impact migrant women and children

Australia's new cost-cutting measures will impact migrant women and children

Australia’s new cost-cutting measures will impact migrant women and children

Last updated on September 14th, 2021 at 05:20 am

The new cost-cutting measures introduced by Australia’s federal government will badly impact migrant women and their families. It will affect around 13,200 future migrants and their families, including carers and parents.

The Morrison government has implemented the most significant savings measure for new migrants, whom it estimates will continue to be granted visas at a rate of 160,000 per year.

The Morrison government has applied the most significant investment funds measure to new migrants, whose assessments will keep on being conceded visas at a pace of 160,000 per year.

At present, migrants are qualified to get family tax cut B quickly; carers remittance and family tax cut A following one year; and paid parental leave and carers fees after serving two years.

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The Department of Social Services deputy secretary, Matt Flavel, told Guardian Australia that the four-year standby would badly influence 13,200 migrants and 45,000 families.

The four-year holding up period will dive some low-pay migrant families into destitution and leave migrant women in a more vulnerable state.

Part B of family tax benefits is given to low-income families while the carer payment is asserted by individuals taking care of somebody with a critical sickness or inability.

On Monday, the Settlement Council of Australia CEO, Sandra Wright, said that these progressions would mean the kids of migrants, including those born in Australia, are bound to face poverty. This new bill will also impact people who previously applied for permanent residency but, due to the extended processing conditions, they will not be given permanent residence visa ere January 2022.

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