Australia plans to announce New agriculture visa, opening doors to permanent residency

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Australia to announce New Agriculture Visas

Last updated on August 31st, 2021 at 05:48 am

The Australian federal government plans to announce a new agriculture visa to fill a COVID-initiated work deficiency across the fisheries, agriculture and forestry sectors. 

It is vague at this stage, which nations will pursue the visa. However, they intend to attract Pacific and Southeast Asian workers. It will open pathways towards regional resettlement and permanent residency as well. 

All workers will require to be quarantined, adding more restrictions on Pacific workers due to the coronavirus pandemic and continuous Delta variant surge.

The visa applications will operate from September 21, before the following harvest. Moreover, the current Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labor Scheme, considered profoundly fruitful by the public authority. 

Agribusiness Minister David Littleproud stated that the current Covid border closure limitations had witnessed a decline in the number of working holiday visa holders, leaving the agriculture sector with a shortage of 30,000 workers.

The greater portion of our meat processing sector is going around 60 to 70 percent potential right now since they lack individuals to do the task,” Littleproud told ABC News

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The state government and industry have been encouraged by the Australian federal government to take a gander at safe methods of acquiring workers, remembering on-farm or in-country quarantine programs.

We’re simply hoping that the states will perform with a degree of opportunity and maturity,” Littleproud said

If it wasn’t intended for farming, our economy would be exhausted during the coronavirus pandemic. They continued to work hard for this country, and we need to repay that now with fortitude and conviction.” 

There are few provisions to this that are especially going towards the core of the primary change that the farming sector in Australia has been urging so long,” Littleproud added.

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