What are the 10 most in demand (and also high paying) green jobs currently?

what are the 10 most in demand green jobs currently

what are the 10 most in demand green jobs currently

Climate change and action against the rapid changes that are impacting climate adversely are in the global top priority now. This has fast tracked also because of recent global events such as extreme weather and soaring gas prices. This has bolstered growth of sectors including renewable energy, environmental science and also forestry thereby creating number of jobs to fill roles in the ‘green sector’. This has also pushed global leaders – both government and corporate – to align their goals towards a sustainable and climate friendly economy.

“There’s more interest and demand for environmental jobs for a couple reasons,” said Valeria Orozco, the director of sustainability at Indeed. “Investors are increasingly asking companies about what they’re doing to address the climate crisis, because science is alerting us of all these issues that could affect business — and investors don’t like risk.” 

Orozco continues, “More workers now also want to be part of companies who are making commitments in that space. The Biden administration, too, is talking a lot about investing in climate change solutions, and those investments will require skilled professionals to work toward those solutions.” 

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Coming on to the most in demand jobs right now with an environmental focus, here are the top 10.

  1. Environmental Specialist – Average salary $63,915

These specialists observe impact of a population on environment, identify issues and then offer solutions.

  1. Civil engineer – Average salary $83,970

The civil engineers design, build and supervise infrastructure projects in public and private sector for a greener environment.

  1. Environmental health and safety specialist – Average salary $94,129

These specialists study how human health is affected by changes in the environment. They also investigate potential health risks posed by the environment.

  1. Forester – Average salary $78,129

Some of the prime duties of forester include “drawing up plans to regenerate forested lands, monitoring the progress of those lands and supervising tree harvests. Another duty of a forester is devising plans to keep forests free from disease, harmful insects and damaging wildfires”.

  1. Environmental technician – Average salary $40,158

Their duties include “conducting site surveys, assessments, inspections, and evaluations; conducting site assessments, evaluations, and monitoring of the installation storm water sewer system; and conducting chemical samples for environmental compliance.” 

  1. Solar photovoltaic installer – Average salary $63,200

They assemble, set up and maintain rooftop as well as other systems that convert sunlight into energy.

  1. Arborist – Average salary $77,322

The job of arborist includes planting, maintaining and removing trees and other woody plants through their knowledge of tree anatomy and biology.  Their clients include landscaping companies, local and state governments.

  1. Environmental manager – Average salary $72,301

They work for various industries to make sure they are compliant with environmental guidelines as well as legal requirements.

  1. Solar consultant – Average salary $109,191

A solar consultant explains the potential customers about renewable energy systems and resources.

  1. Senior civil engineer – Average salary $93,003

They are involved primarily in planning process of projects like encompassing roads. They create “budgets, review safety issues, conduct land surveys, and manage teams of surveyors, engineering technicians, and construction workers.” 

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