US workers ‘quiet quitting’ spark concerns about toxic workplaces

us workers 'quiet quitting' raises concerns about stressful workplaces

us workers ‘quiet quitting’ raises concerns about stressful workplaces

USUS – Many workers in the United States have been embracing the “quiet quitting” concept as they seek work-life balance. The workers are drawing a line at the 40-hour work week, limiting after-hours calls and emails. 

They have said that they will not do more than what their jobs entail. They do not want to constantly connect with their employers after working hours. This raises concerns about stressful workplaces and toxic work culture in the US.

Maggie Perkins was working for 60-hour weeks as a teacher, but after her first child was born, she realised that something was wrong. She explained in a TikTok video about toxic work culture. She reportedly said, “There are pictures of me grading papers on an aeroplane on the way to vacation. I did not have a work-life balance.” She began “quiet quitting” after this incident.

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Her TikTok post went viral on social media. Many people started commenting on her post. Subsequently, the debate on work-life balance erupted on social media platforms. 

Perkins told AFP, “Adopting this ‘quiet quitting’ mindset means that you are establishing a boundary that helps you to do your job when you are paid to do it — and then you can leave that, and go home and be a human with your family.”

According to various media reports and data, US workers desperately need a  healthy work-life balance. Gallup revealed that women in the US and Canada are facing the most pressure because of the workload. 

Reportedly, many “quiet quitters” have claimed that they are willing to work hard, but only for the hours the job is meant to entail. They do not want to work beyond working hours. Their motto is “act your wage.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many workers in the US left jobs because of work-related pressure. It helped fuel the ‘Great Resignation’.

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