Top 10 Good excuses to get out of work 2022

top 10 good excuses to get out of work

top 10 good excuses to get out of work

Last updated on September 30th, 2023 at 07:17 am

GlobalGlobal – Let’s face it, even the best of us have days when going to work is simply not an option.

Regardless of whether you love your job or despise it, you will eventually need a day off. Even if the justification is valid, such as dealing with depression at work, for some of you, it might be daunting to request a day off.

Others might not mind if you ask for the day even though it isn’t appropriate. How can you tell what is a valid justification? Or maybe you should just swallow your pride and enter? Considering that your employer is the one who pays you, you should exercise caution while asking them questions.

We’re here to encourage you by going over 10 valid justifications for skipping work as well as 10 unjustifications that we sincerely hope you never use. Let’s start now!

Following are the top 10 good excuses to get out of work:

1. You’re sick

Everyone gets ill every now and then, and most of the time there is nothing you can do about it, so try not to stress out. Nobody wants to wake up with a fever, and I’m sure your boss wouldn’t object if you kept that to yourself at home. Move on after sending in your sick day email or calling in if that is corporate policy.

A reasonable justification for skipping work is not spreading your germs. It’s vital to keep in mind that calling in sick can still be a valid justification if you work remotely. Even though you might not be spreading germs, being ill can make it challenging for you to concentrate and finish your work at your typical standard.

2. You’ve got an injury

Even if we would prefer them to be, not all injuries are planned, an injury is still a good reason to call in sick to work. Reach out to your manager as soon as you have the knowledge and let them know about the injury, which may have been long in coming but now needs more suitable care.

Get the rest and healing you require, ask if you can work from home for a while, and return when you’re ready.

3. There’s an emergency

There are just two things that we would consider emergencies for a valid reason to stay home instead of reporting to work:

  • family crisis
  • emergency at home

The sudden cancellation of your child’s class or the necessity to care for them because they became ill without warning are both acceptable justifications for a family emergency. Hopefully they will recover fast, so you won’t need to request a prolonged leave of absence. It’s also not a good idea to fabricate a family emergency (you know, because of karma).

A house emergency is one that requires rapid attention. Examples include a pipe burst or a heater that stopped operating while you were waiting for maintenance. Although you have no control over emergencies, you shouldn’t take advantage of this with your boss. Be trustworthy, and always be open about any emergencies that may develop.

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4. You’re celebrating a religious holiday

Even if your company doesn’t observe the holiday, you should be free to practise your religion. A religious holiday is a great justification for taking time off of work, and you shouldn’t face harassment because of it.

Ask for the day in advance, give it the attention it needs, and have faith that your employer will take care of business without you.

5. You’ve got jury duty

You will ultimately receive a call from jury duty, and you must respond. It’s crucial to remember that just because you were called for jury duty doesn’t imply you’ll really sit on the jury, at which point you’ll need the time off.

Inform your boss right away that you’ve been called and could need some time off as a result. After attending the sessions to confirm your eligibility and desire to serve on the jury, a decision will be reached that will allow you to provide your employer more specific dates for the time you will require off.

6. You’re having car trouble

Even the best of us experience it. It’s very annoying when your automobile won’t start! Since there are so many alternative forms of transportation available nowadays, including bikes for commuting to work, this might be on the verge of being a bad justification, but we think that if you don’t abuse it, car difficulties beyond your control is a legitimate justification. If it’s occurring more frequently, it might be time to make an investment in a more dependable mode of transportation to get you to and from work.

7. There’s a bereavement

You recently lost a loved one; now is the time to show them the respect they deserve and pay tribute to their memory by attending funeral services and helping out the family. Even if mourning is not one of your employee benefits, losing a loved one is a good reason to take time off of work.

Don’t take it personally if a company asks for “proof of loss”; it’s part of their policy and everyone is required to follow it. Share the funeral card or obituary and let the sympathies wash over you while you adjust to your new normal without your loved one.

8. You need a mental health day

Since nearly half of American workers have mental health problems, taking a mental health day ought to be completely appropriate in both your and your employer’s eyes. Don’t forget who you are; that’s why you were chosen for your position in the first place. Talk to your boss if you’re having problems with your mental health, and set aside the time you require for rehabilitation.

9. You have a medical appointment

The majority of roles will fall inside “normal business hours.” It follows that making an appointment to visit your doctor or dentist during these hours can conflict with your job schedule. Of course, if at all possible, try to plan these before or after a shift or during a lunch break. However, if you are unable to avoid scheduling within work hours, this is a good excuse.

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10. It’s your birthday!

Birthday celebrations can be either good or poor excuses, but only if you’ve discussed them with your employer beforehand and haven’t called your boss that morning to announce that it’s your birthday. I’m giving myself a day off from work as a gift. Alright, bye!

Although your supervisor might be disappointed, asking for time off for your birthday is risk-free—after all, singing in the office is healthy for you!

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