Tips to avoid 5 recruitment mistakes

tips to avoid 5 recruitment mistakes

tips to avoid 5 recruitment mistakes

Last updated on October 25th, 2022 at 12:05 pm

Global – It is sometimes said that some people just never grow up after high school. For better or worse, this may mean that bad habits from our youth may follow us into our working lives. In the field of HR and hiring, this can lead to a number of red flags that can cause problems in the hiring process and become a real roadblock for great candidates.

By avoiding these red flags, recruiters and hiring managers may not end up in their star candidate’s Burn Book.

Mistake #1: Recruiters Skip or Forget Interviews

Candidate experience is key to retaining quality candidates throughout the hiring process. After all, good talent has other options. Forgetting or skipping an interview is a bad idea. However, often when interviews are missed, it is due to messy scheduling, overburdened recruiters, or over-planning. ATS can help you manage and track your schedule, and can make it easier to communicate with candidates when schedule changes need to be made.

Mistake #2: Recruiters make up excuses for bad Glassdoor reviews

Employer brand these days depends heavily on what employees (past and present) say about you online. Candidates are more likely to ask questions if they see a negative review or something disturbing. A bad excuse like “it’s just one bad apple” or “it was a disgruntled employee” can cause anxiety in a candidate’s mind.

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Mistake #3: The only thing that was revealed about wages was that they were “competitive”.

Salary transparency is a growing desire for candidates in today’s job market. Many states in the US actually require you to list your salary on a job posting. The vagueness of salary details can frustrate candidates and prevent them from negotiating a fair salary based on their talents and experience.

Mistake #4: Negotiations are not encouraged

Some recruiters play tough to the point where candidates feel they have lost the ability to negotiate. This can cause a lot of problems. For example, this can lead to a racial/gender pay gap, employees who are severely underpaid, or employees who later become dissatisfied when they find out their colleagues are getting much better benefits.

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Mistake #5: Focusing too much on culture

Many recruiters still rely heavily on culture related questions rather than culture related questions. But focusing too much on how a new employee is like all previous employees can lose sight of how a candidate can contribute to an existing culture. Hiring based on fit alone weakens diversity efforts and creates a biased approach to hiring. Avoid this mistake by asking questions that show how the candidate can add something to the current team.

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